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VELIAN, OPHAN, BEYOND THE EXISTENCE: Σάββατο 27 Μαΐου @ Silver Dollar

Velian Ophan Beyond The Existence Σάββατο 27 Μαΐου Silver Dollar (Εθνικής Αμύνης 19 - Θεσσαλονίκη) Το Σάββατο 27 Μαΐου, Velian, Ophan και Beyond The Existence συναντιούνται για μια μοναδική βραδιά στη σκηνή του Silver Dollar. Είσοδος: 5 Ευρώ Doors open: 20:00
VELIAN, OPHAN, BEYOND THE EXISTENCE: Σάββατο 27 Μαΐου @ Silver Dollar

Beyond The Existence

Σάββατο 27 Μαΐου
Silver Dollar
(Εθνικής Αμύνης 19 - Θεσσαλονίκη)

Το Σάββατο 27 Μαΐου, Velian, Ophan και Beyond The Existence συναντιούνται για μια μοναδική βραδιά στη σκηνή του Silver Dollar.

Είσοδος: 5 Ευρώ
Doors open: 20:00


The band VELIAN is the brainchild of five very well-known musicians on the Bulgarian metal scene that have been part of acts such as Wartime, Fanagoria, PhyX and Progression. Some publications in the Bulgarian press called it a “true underground super-group”.

Since its formation the band has played numerous festivals (Sofia Metal Fest, Bulgaria, 2016; Metalhead Meeting and Maximum Rock, Bucharest, Romania, 2016) and shows in Romania and Bulgaria opening for Kreator, Eluveitie, Moonspell, Kamelot, Myrath, Dragon Force, Rotting Christ, Paradise Lost, Powerwolf, Tiamat, Warrel Dane among others. The band is known for its great live shows, the visual effects, costumes and multimedia used on stage.

The band’s concept and its message are related to the destructive materialism, the lack of values and the sustainability issues which characterize our society and way of life. The steampunk stage costumes, the band’s videos and the multimedia present on their concerts further contribute to the band’s image.

At the end of 2016 Velian released a very ambitious audiovisual project in two parts called “Fairy Tale of Love and Loss” which features Bulgarian metal scene celebrities such as Vasko Katincharov (Suffer-H, Fracture TV Show) and Dimitar Kovachev-Funky (Era).


Ophan (О́phan, wheel in latin) is an experimental metal band from Sofia. The band started out in 2006 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

The band’s main focus is to create conceptual music following a multi-layered storyline, which would be visually complimented by a movie. Ophan strives to break the mold and create something unique with a very strong emphasis on the overall message and overarching story. The band utilizes uncommon song structures in which anything hardly ever repeats (unless it is necessary to stress on a certain aspect of the composition). Musically Ophan is considered to be close to the prog/djent scene with elaborate polyrhythms and time signatures.

On the 3rd April, Ophan released its debut EP “The Wheel of Fortune” on online streaming platforms and began promoting it with concerts in the country and abroad. The EP follows the main character’s journey through the different stages of grief when faced against death. As stated previously, it’s just the first part from a bigger story, details of which will be released over time. The band’s reworked live performance features multimedia and a theatrical interlude with an actor.


Band Members
Constantine "phyX" Gentschev - Drums & Percussion
Martin Tonev - Bass
Iskren Asenov - Guitars
Plamen Rusev - Guitars
Detelina Savova - Live piano & vocals
Tihomir Rusanov - Vocals


Beyond The Existence is a Greek atmospheric Death Metal band, founded in 2012 by the Lead/Singer Ikki(Ikaros Poimenidis) in the city of ThessalonikiBeyond The Existence earliest releases were categorized as atmospheric Death-Metal, Death/gothic metal, inspired by such acts like After Forever, Dark Tranquillity, The Duskfall.

With characteristics of Atmospheric Death Metal, and the aggressive guttural voices, mixed with technical riffs and strings/piano, have gained success and recognition beyond the European borders. countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Argentina, USA, Brazil and Japan.



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