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Andy Rocks on bbr

Andy Rocks on bbr: "As soon as you start doing something like music you will be appreciated and hated at the same time."
Andy Rocks on bbr
"As soon as you start doing something like music you will be appreciated and hated at the same time."

Andrea Weiss from Germany and her band Andy Rocks, recently released the new single "Digital Detox" and bbr took the opportunity to ask her some questions. Enjoy the interview below.

Hello Andy Rocks!  Congrats for your new song “Digital Detox”. Really refreshing sound! How are you?
Hi guys, thank you for your kind words about our new Song. I am fine, enjoying summer.

Tell us a few words about the recordings of your new single. When and where?
The whole song was recorded between December and March at our home studios. It was also mixed and mastered by our bass player Michael. Simona Parisi, my friend living in Italy, sent her guitar parts via Internet.

How can you describe your sound?
We are a rock band with catchy melody lines and straight forward songs. We combine a classic rock sound, also sounding a little American, with modern elements. Tight drum and bass grooves drive the music forward. Our song themes are diverse – from fun to critical – presented by a charismatic female voice.

Are there any plans for a full album in the near future?
Yes, we are working on it right now. We still have to record some parts while some songs are already in the mixing process. I hope that we can finish the album this year.

Any plans for live performances?
Right now the situation for live concerts is not the best. I hope that we can do some smaller shows soon, but my focus is on working on the album now.

You also play with Black Daffodils. How is the situation about this band?
Yes, Black Daffodils used to be my main band for more than 10 years. But right now the band does not work and makes a break. I do not know if the band will continue some day, but  I do not think so. But we made two great albums which I am very happy about.

What do you enjoy most? Singing or playing the guitar and why?
Singing is what I can do better. I am not a great guitar player. Singing feels more natural and comfortable for me, that is why I am a lead singer. (laughing)

What is your opinion about the whole situation in the world today? Are you happy?
We are facing many different conflicts and problems today. Climate change, the pandemic, the divide between rich and poor and many more. Of course many things should and could be better. I never thought that something like a pandemic would happen and we do not know how this will go on. You could talk about things like that for hours.

What are your future plans about the bands? Are you going to keep a steady line up or you will follow the idea of a project?
I will take it as it comes. First the Andy Rocks Album will be finished and then we will see. We will take one step at a time.

Do you believe in God?
I am not very religious.

Are you angry with prejudiced people judging your music?
I think it makes no sense to feel angry about that. As soon as you start doing something like music you will be appreciated and hated at the same time. There will always be people who do not like your work or your voice or so on. During the years I learned to laugh about that. I rather focus on being happy when somebody says positive things about my work as a musician.

But we really like your work! The last words are yours…
Thank you so much for the interview and your kindness. It was a pleasure for me.

10 xronia bbr


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