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Rükiye and Tylarik on bbr

Tylarik of Rükiye and Tylarik talks to bbr. Read the interview below
Rükiye and Tylarik on bbr

Tylarik of  Rükiye and Tylarik talks to bbr. Read the interview below

What motivated you to start this project?
*The concept of the project of course has all the motivating elements for any artist! That’s what did it for me. 

Is this a one-off project just to pay tribute to George Floyd or should we expect from you a full-length album anytime soon?
*I promise you there is much more to come! 

How did you combine your different music and culture backgrounds?
*I believe for me and Rukiye, it just came natural. The wonderful thing about music is there are now boundaries! 

How was working through the internet for "Minneapolis Man"?
*Definitely not as fun as being there together in the studio I’m sure but we were able to pulled it off. 

What is the concept of the song in your own words? What is the message that you want to spread?
 *The tragic death of George Floyd like so many others before him at the hands of Law Enforcement should never be forgotten! 

The lyrics of "Minneapolis Man" were written by the Greek poet George Chondralis. How did you get in touch? 
*It was Spider Music that brought us all together. 

How supportive has Spider Music been for your project?
 *Spider Music is the Spearhead of the collaboration and the ship in which it sails! Through Spider Music, the song has life internationally! 

Which bands have influenced your music?
 *There are many but I would say, Prince and the Revolution and Queen.

Did you have the chance to present your material live so far? 
*No not yet, and it is because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It has effected all of us! 

Do you have any new songs coming out?
*Definitely, And I look forward to sharing them with the world through Spider Music! 

What is more important for you: the music, the message or something else?
*To me, the message is the music! Everything else is elements of the song. ButI’m a lyricistfirstkind of artist!

10 xronia bbr


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