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Hot Sunday Blood on bbr

Bbr took the chance to have a little chat with Italian alternative metal band Hot Sunday Blood for an interview.
Hot Sunday Blood on bbr

Bbr took the chance to have a little chat with Italian alternative metal band Hot Sunday Blood for an interview.

Welcome to Hot Sunday Blood! Introduce yourselves to us!
Hello! We are an alternative metal band from Turin, a city in the north of Italy. We are five passionate guys who try to say something…

Let us know a few words about the history of the band!
So far we have released three albums. "Someone Left Behind” is the first one, out in 2015, which is very grunge-oriented. In 2017 “New Omega” was born, with a more metal attitude. Then, in the end of 2019, our third album “Kein Licht” came out, which sounds like…well, you'll have to listen to yourself! We suffered some line-up changes throughout the years but in the recent times we have reached a more stable situation

Have you ever felt frustrated and ready to give up?
There were times when we were down, nut never reached the stage of giving up, we were lucky enough to find always new and interesting people to carry on our passion

How do you get inspired to create your own music? Through time has there been a change in the way you draw ideas?
Music is composed all together while Andrea our singer is the author of the lyrics. Songs are intimate and reflect, with the use of metaphors and a bit of reality distortion, what is the human nature in the continue pursue of self-determination. We never changed this methodology because until now it perfectly served our needs

Let’s forget the past!  You released an awesome album last year. How do you feel about this release?
Releasing an album is the culmination of an artistic process and because of this it’s always an awesome experience. Generally speaking, many people were pleased with the dark atmosphere and the contamination of various metal influences that can be heard in it! We are really proud of the outcome.

What do you think is your strongest element on this album?
What we like the most is the equilibrium reached between dark and melodic parts, and the fact that, as in “The Long Winter’s Embrace” dark parts are also melodic ones. Something extreme but also easy-listening

Listening to the album several times, each time I found that this release has an incredible depth.  You cannot say if this is only rock or only metal but this is a really qualitative album. How can you describe your sound and vibes?
Well this comment is really pleasing, thank you! We always try to have an easy listening sound but not a boring one. You can remember our songs by ear after one or two plays. Being relevant is something very important for us, so we try to reach many people without giving up ourselves

From what I understand, there were some serious plans and you promoted the album successfully worldwide. Are you also ready for lives in 2021?
We are rehearsing since the end of the lockdown just to be ready! Playing live is something crucial and we want to be super fit for what is coming next

Can we expect the successor to “Kein Licht” soon?
Yes, in a couple of months, maybe the first part of 2021

Why did you select to sing in English and not in Italian, for example?
Well, many bands as ourselves sing in English because it’s the international language and is easier to reach a wider audience. Not to mention that our musical influences are mostly in English so this is a natural process. 

I would like to thank you very much for the nice conversation we had and I wish to you the best for the future
It’s been a pleasure for us to have the opportunity! Stay safe everyone! 

Hot Sunday Blood - The Long Winter's Embrace

10 xronia bbr


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