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Simone Casagrande on bbr

Simone Casagrande on bbr: "I have to wait until Spring and see what will be left of the life we knew"


Simone Casagrande on bbr
"I have to wait until Spring and see what will be left of the life we knew"

Bbr took a little chat with Simone Casagrande about his Italian thrash metal project Casagrande, and below you can read this interview.

Read the interview in Greek

Hello  Simone! So how are you with all the craziness around the world that’s going on at the moment?

To be honest, I am having hard times as I am living in a shared house with other 4 people and they are all staying home due to the new lockdown. I am the only one working and I hope to do not have problems with the bathroom use. My father is still living in Italy in a red zone so I feel really worried about the upcoming winter.

I suppose you’re still busy promoting the new album that is out  via French label Soman Records, right?

Yes, I am constantly under interview...

I guess one of the popular things that have been happening at the moment is this whole live-streaming thing, what are your thoughts on that?

I don't like it, I hope in a moment where people could gather again. Of course, it can help to reach long distancing people, but thinking of rehearsing or playing always via webcam horrifies me.

As mentioned before the new album was out (Oct. 15th). When did you finished recordings about whole thing? Are you happy for the result?

 It was done by the end of June 2020 and during summer I got in touch with the Angels PR about promoting a song, but unexpectedly they propose me to make a digital release with Soman Records. I am very happy with it considering it is also relieving the stress this Covid 19 is creating.

How did you decide to release this project?

I was probably overestimating me and I thought to play all the instruments myself. We are talking about the late nineties, beginning of the new millennium. I wanted to record the songs I composed in bands I had to split from. The results were not encouraging and requiring a lot of my free time. After stopping it by 10 years I decided to come back.

Sound really thrashy but also very technical! What are your opinion and your influences?

My fingers are really honored by the "technical" I think my influences are mainly Mr. James Hetfield/ Mr. Dave Mustaine about riffing and voice. My solos are certainly inspired by Mr. Hammet, Mr. Malmsteen, Mr. Vai but definitely Hanneman/King.

What was it like working alone about the composition and lyrics? Had you worked alone before or was this the first time? 

It's not the first time, but I had some suggestions from other musicians who listened to the demo songs.

Something that I noticed which I always ask anyone who has a self-titled album, why did you decide to go with the self title?

 Because all happened so unexpectedly and quickly and I thought it was the best choice.

So we touched a little on what you had planned so what have you planned now as far as outside of the album release?

As far as I am concerned the world economic situation is too uncertain to make plans. I have to wait until Spring and see what will be left of the life we knew.

Obviously you won’t be touring but do you have anything that might replace some of the touring parts?

I could make some videos or Instagram lives if I have time as I work full time in retail and the lockdown is not touching me...

Congratulations on the new album, it sounds killer and hopefully once everything gets back to normal we’ll see you guys back out on the road again

 Thank you, Athens will be one of the first places to visit.








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